Stellagen - 'Freedom' Guitar Solo Playthrough


'Biggest Shred Collab From Australia' Solo


Deiformity - 'Etched in Flesh' Guitar Solo Live


'Altitudes Arpeggios' Cover (Jason Becker)


'For the Love of God' Cover (Steve Vai)


Jamming to 'Bad Horsie' (Steve Vai)


Live with Deiformity - Guitar Solo Compilation


'Tornado of Souls' Solo (Marty Friedman / Megadeth) - Live Cover


'No Boundaries' (Michael Angelo Batio) - Live Cover


Final Bachelor of Music Recital - Australian Institute of Music (2013)


Live with Tim 'Ripper' Owens - 'Diamonds and Rust' (Judas Priest)


Live with Tim 'Ripper' Owens - 'Rising Force' (Yngwie Malmsteen)


Live with Tim 'Ripper' Owens - 'Painkiller' Solo (Judas Priest)


'Lucretia' Solo Cover (Marty Friedman / Megadeth)


Jamming to 'Taurus Bulba' (Steve Vai)


Live with Paul Di'Anno - 'Phantom of the Opera' Solo (Iron Maiden)


Live with Paul Di'Anno - 'A Song For You' Solo (Killers)


Live with Killrazer - Guitar Solo Compilation


Live with Vaticide - Metalstock Festival 2007


'Black Star' Cover (Yngwie Malmsteen)


Bach's 'Two Part Invention No. 1' on Guitar and Piano (Simultaneously)


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